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WTF a Kissing Contest in China

WTF?? a Kissing Contest?? do you want to participate this odd and weird contest dude?? all of this people below was a participant in Kissing contest. all of them must make a most unique kissing technique ever. oh man.. i only know how to do a good french kiss technique or even a necking. but this people was give me another great inspiration to me about how to kiss a girls.
A kissing contest planned for Valentine's Day in North China's Tianjin city has triggered a controversy in a country where displays of romantic affection are traditionally kept private.
The contest, organized by a supermarket called 'Everybody Is Happy', will be held on February 14. The couple making the longest kiss will win 2,000 Yuan (US $240
Look at these picture in the left side. that was so cool.. how can he do a kissing in that style?? maybe that was the most bizarre kissing technique ever.. someday i'll try that technique.
We have also give you several great contest or tradition info such as the world's most bizarre tradition in past, also in the present now let's enjoy this Weird Kissing Contest in China

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